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Helping Businesses for More Than 18 Years

My Background

My name is Louise Myers, and decided to create LM Virtual Assistant, after 18 years of working in the administrative sector. I have worked in a number of positions over the years and I have been able to develop my skills in a number of secretarial, creative and management roles. I have a passion for administrative work, and get great job satisfaction in adding real value to businesses. Whether it is streamlining operations, organising data or improving efficiencies I am proud of the work I do.

I have a friendly, affable personality and I can easily work with all levels of employee from operations to management. In my role as a virtual assistant, I am able to effectively work in all sizes and types of businesses. Whether you are a sole trader looking for additional support or a major company in need of more contractors, I can provide the right service that will help you to achieve your objectives. To find out more about what a virtual assistant can do for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with LM Virtual Assistant.

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Why Choose LM Virtual Assistant

No Commitment

You only need to utilise my services when you need it. After the hour, my services are charged at 15 minute increments, so you only pay for what you need. There are no retainer costs, no long term contracts, and you don’t need to book big blocks of my time. You also won’t need to worry about me inflating the time I spend working for you. I use precise time tracking software, so you’ll never be shortchanged.

The Right Person

LM Virtual Assistant consists of just me, Louise Myers. As such, you know exactly which person will be working for you every time, all the time. If you hire a larger virtual assistant company, you may get a different virtual assistant working for you, despite the fact you may have settled with one virtual assistant who understands your business, how you work and how best to operate. All of this gets lost if your virtual assistant changes. With LM Virtual Assistant, I will be the only person who works with you. I will quickly learn about your business and add real value to your operations.

Your Time

Your time is your most important asset; it is the one thing that you cannot get back. Whether it’s updating spreadsheets, organising your diary or inputting data, these are the kind of tasks that you can really leave to someone else. Outsourcing this work to me, will give you the time that you need to develop strategies, grow your business and attract more customers. By refocusing your attention and giving you the time you need, you will be able to achieve your long term goals. 




 If you'd like to see a list of my virtual assistant services, please follow this link for further information.