5 Top common questions when thinking about hiring a virtual assistant.



Your business, your success.

Your business is taking off. You have clients and contracts coming in. This is what you’ve been working toward and it’s finally happening, your hard work is paying off. Success!

You’ve been working endlessly to get to where you are today. You’ve been doing everything for the business - marketing, networking, social media management, invoices, research, contracts. You want to continue the success of the business, but you’re juggling too much and you want to concentrate on what really matters to you, what drives you and your business.

All of the tasks and processes are vital to your business, but taking up too much of your time or quite frankly, there’s work that needs to be done that just doesn’t float your boat – but without them, your business wont continue the success that you’ve worked for.

You want to hire a virtual assistant? You’re not sure where to start?. There are questions?

Let me help you out with these Top 5 common questions about hiring a VA.


1.   Do I need a VA?

If you want to increase productivity, prevent burn out, save money and time, then the answer is Yes, yes you do!

2.   What value will a VA bring to me and my business?

The greatest value that a VA can bring to your business is saving you time and money. Managing the operations of your business that you don’t have the time or desire to do, adds time on to your day, meaning you can look after growing your business, whilst a VA looks after keeping the business afloat bringing their skills, professionalism and versatility to your business.

Working remotely, means you don’t need to worry about office space or equipment, holiday pay or sick pay. You can pay an hourly rate for the hours you need only, without having to pay a full time member of staff. Often retainers are available, giving you peace of mind that their time is retained and committed to you and your business, whilst usually offering a reduced hourly retainer rate.

3.   How is the time tracked?

There are many time tracking apps out there, but I personally use Toggl, which easily tracks the time, making sure that both the VA and client are aware of how many hours have been worked. A report will usually be sent on a weekly/monthly basis, but you can request as often or as little as you like.

4.   Deciding what to outsource?

You could start by making a list of your daily/weekly/monthly tasks and then ask yourself:

·     Which tasks do I enjoy doing?

·     Which tasks am I not so keen on doing?

·     Which tasks can I only I do?

·     What tasks do I do that take up too much time?

·     What are my priority tasks?

·     How will this task benefit me and my business by outsourcing?


  Examples (not an exhaustive list by any means!) of what you may want to outsource:


·     Research – if you’re on the search for a guest blogger or speaker, you may want to ask your virtual assistant to do the ground work for you    

·     Presentations – You have the information and data for a presentation, but you dont have the time to put it together in a presentation.

·     Data Entry – You’ve gathered all your information and now it needs to be categorized or entered to a CRM or spreadsheet.

·     Market research- for competitor research and analysis.

·     Online marketing – Attracting leads is taking too much of your time each day, let your VA take care of it.


5.   Can I afford a VA?

Now, I know that this is something that prevents some business owners from taking the leap to outsourcing!..

If you really take a look at what you’re struggling with in terms of administration, social media etc, which is work for your business, but not actively bringing in the revenue……


Maybe 2-3 hours each day, if not more?

These 2-3 hours each day could be spent growing your business, increasing productivity and generating more income!

For example… Instead of spending 15 hours a week on non-billable tasks, earning you nothing, you could free up that time to get in more paid work.

Those 15 hours cold earn you, an extra ? - £50 per hour x 15 = £750 per week. Outsourcing to a virtual assistant – that will get the tasks done quicker, because this is their area of expertise – say 10 hours? £25 per hour x 10 = £250 per week. You’ve made £500 a week by outsourcing.

It's a game changer and pretty invaluable!


If you want my help and think we can work together, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!