With all that has happened (& not happened) in 2020, Christmas may feel very different for most of us. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take a well needed break from business over the festive period. Spending time with family (& friends if rules permit) is what it’s all about isn’t it?

Okay, so the office parties and shenanigans may not be going ahead when planned this year, but families and spending time together still matter.

It’s so, so important for you and your business to take some time out, re-charge, re-focus, rest and reflect on your achievements over the last year. Afterall, if you’re burnt out, then you and your business both suffer. With that in mind, it may be useful to have your business plans for 2021 drawn up in advance of the festive period.

I know that some business owners feel guilty for taking time out of the business during the holidays and this is where my tips come in. With enough forward planning, your business can stay on top and you can enjoy the time you deserve.

If you plan on working throughout, then these tips aren’t for you. If you want to know how to organise yourself with a guilt-free Christmas, read on…


#1 Decide how much time you’re going to take and let your customers and clients know, in advance

If you’re a parent, you may wish to take the duration of the school holidays. Others may take just a few days or anything up to a week. The key message here, is that it’s YOUR choice. Once you have decided on the dates and duration, make sure everyone knows about it! Email or call your clients, post it to your social media channels, temporarily add it to your email signature. And make sure you stick to it!

It’s best to let your clients know in plenty of time, so that any work or projects can be agreed beforehand and you can both plan your time.


#2 Schedule your social media for the duration of your break

We all know that social media can be time consuming and for most a daily necessity. Schedule your social posts for the duration of your break. You can use platforms such as MeetEdgar, Later and Hootsuite.

For engagement and connection requests, set aside a specific time limit for this and make sure you stick to it, we know how easy it can be to get side-tracked. The last thing you want to do is be stuck to your phone (I would recommend using your phone in this instance, because once you sit down on that office chair – time WILL run away with you)  the whole time. Your children don’t want to see the back of your phone – they want to see you!


#3 Prioritise

Make sure all your urgent stuff is dealt with in advance. Check your deadlines and make sure your clients and any staff are clear on their times and commitments leading up to your break – They need a break too!

Any non-urgent work can wait until your return. Decide what these are in advance, so you’re not rushing and getting stressed up to deadline.

Any important projects that need to be dealt with before your break commences could be moved forward in your calendar if your schedule permits.



#4 Out of Office & Answerphone messaging

Remember to put your Out of Office / automated response on your emails, social media and amend your voice message for the festive period.

Include key points in your messages such as your returning date, so they have a rough idea of response times etc.


#5 Enjoy your Christmas! virtual assistant in UK

You’re all set to enjoy a stress-free Christmas with absolute minimum business time. This can mean so much for the well-being of you, your family, your business and staff. It’s amazing what a break can do for you and your relationships.


Once the Out of Office is switched on – it’s time for you to switch OFF!!